Injured patients

At Comprehensive Pain Management, we understand that a serious injury can turn your world inside out. Treatment and rehabilitation from serious injuries has been a focus of our practice from day one. We understand that a serious injury is never “just an injury.”  We understand that the physical injury can set you back emotionally, socially, and that it can profoundly affect the lives of the people you care about most.

“Our goal with each and every injured patient is to return you to optimal function.”

At Comprehensive Pain Management, we rely on a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing the finest physical therapists, physiatrists, rehabilitative psychologists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and spine surgeons, in addition to applying our own Interventional Pain Management Techniques in order to optimize your outcome and to help you become ‘the best you can be.’

There is no ‘magic’ to recovering from a serious injury—just hard work, quality medical care and that special something: motivation. You, the patient, are the secret weapon against chronic pain and disability.

• Workers Compensation Injuries

• Automobile Injuries

• Sports Injuries

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